Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Deep Disposal of Geology Finishes Open Houses


Another round of open houses has finished. I was thinking of my potential work on seismic and geology standards, and realized that 'adequate notification' is the only standard working here. Usually the courts have decided what is sufficient community interaction.

The rest is all ad hoc, seat of the pants, make it up as you go along. Nevertheless, if I am going to accept the money, I must believe that the panels will eventually hold the utilities to some sort of standards. Of all the standards, the most difficult to the utilities would be seismic, and only if the panel requires it. This would also include a 'gold standard' defining what is sufficient geological work.

Anyway, even if people are clamoring to stuff money in my pockets, the actual cash has to come from the utilities, and they hate me. In the old days we had strong 'technical champions' who would stand up to the old boy network and say "You want a nuclear plant or not? Then leave me alone.". I haven't seen this happening. These guys still think they can dominate by using subservient consultants, much like the Niagara Tunnel fiasco. I expect another year or two of disasters before things become obvious.

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