Thursday, September 25, 2008

Summer in September

Oh, the magnificent life of a retired guy! I'm just back from the cottage again, after a glorious few days, just me, and Cindy the Wonder Dog. During the day, it was as hot as the summer, the only difference being the absolutely horrid cold water! First day I had the sauna going, and second day it was too hot.

Went for my usual fishing hike. It's always something to see a huge fresh bear turd, up in the woods. I called over the dog: "Listen here, dog, you know the plan! You are an expendable, two-bit pound puppy! Do your duty when you see the giant bear!" I don't think she listened to me.

Didn't catch a single fish! There is some natural law, that when the weather is really nice, the fish leave the area!

Today, I was going to linger a bit longer in the sun, but this huge Hydro crew came and started to clean up the back power line. I had just noticed that the trees were starting to touch the wires, and we all know what happens then! Anyway, it sounded like a bloody war zone, the dog was terrified, and I got a headache, so we got out as quick as we could.

I was getting things ready for a new roof. I'm putting on a steel roof, since it will last forever, and I'm noticing the asphalt singles are garbage now. Especially at the cottage, the severe weather hits them, they curl faster, and they grow lichen. But without that, the new big house down the road is getting it's shingles replaced after only a few years, the batch must have been bad, which is happening a lot lately.

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