Friday, August 15, 2008

Good fishing

This past week at the cottage, there was nothing to do but dodge the thunderstorms. In the sunny stretches I fished off the dock. I know I have monster largemouth bass under the dock, since I see them once in a while. They never look at my worm, since I have caught them many times when they were young, and I throw them back. This week I plotted my way to catch one of the dock monsters!

At the end of my fishing, I usually have most of a worm left. This past week I would always break it up and scatter it in the water. Fish would come out and get them, since they seemed to know what a hook was. Yesterday I rigged up the line with a small hook, and no swivel, just a hook on the monofilament. I was catching a lot of fish, when suddenly my rod bent in half! I hooked a monster! Somehow the hook had caught because he swallowed it, so I immediately had to whack it dead.

I cooked it today on one of those cedar planks for salmon. I just gutted the fish and laid it out, and it almost filled the plank! Then I stuffed the inside with butter and garlic and put on some spices. The whole thing went on the bbq, and slowly baked. The soaked cedar is great, since it smokes and gives it flavour. Yum, yum, that was the best fish I ever had!

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