Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Very old guy will attempt to restart Japanese reactor

I have no idea what they are doing with that Japanese reactor that got wacked with an earthquake. Now they got a new president, at least. I'm sure that will help!

For those of you not following this, last summer a very intense earthquake hit a Japanese nuclear reactor. Although their natural instinct would be to cover everything up, they had the misfortune of having a flaming transformer shown on national TV (oh, those transformers!), plus a speck of measurable radioactivity. Since they presented a mirage of human perfection, this hit them badly. Some of their fuel was damaged, alone with some minor leaks.

Soon, all their dirty laundry was exposed in public. These guys didn't know what hit them! Right now, I have no idea what they are doing to restart it, since their wasn't much real damage. And I don't think anybody else knows what they are doing, since they are a close-mouthed bunch...

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