Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ding, dong, global warming is dead!

In the news today, somebody has done another statistical projection to find that we will all die this century.  That's totally true, I won't be around.  However, this projection all depends on one nasty little physical constant.  The Universal Carbon Sensitivity Constant, pronounced Uksuk.  They never mention it.  If we normalize it within its stated range, we get:

1.0  - We all die tomorrow.  Every breath you exhale could melt steel.

0.0 - It was all just as phoney as the Ozone Hole

The latest graphs show what we Canadians have known this summer - get more firewood!

Although a little summer uptick, the sat-temps show us zooming into a hole, just like Toronto housing prices.

And here's a little cheer for polar bear lovers.

The ice volume is now burying itself into the main band.  I suspect we'll start to see it zoom above.  That means Trudeau can celebrate.  Yeah!  We love massive amounts of ice.  blah.

I'm taking a trip to newfieland this fall.  I'll bring lots of winter stuff.

So, the Uksuk is really zero, and this has been ocean currents all along.  See you skiing downtown this year.  :)

ps.  I write so that the Twits and the Zucks can't understand me.  The literate authors on the Guardian are all complaining that it's the end of democracy.  They are wrong.  It's the end of elitism.  Modern tech gives way too much power for stupid people to dig themselves into a big hole.  :)

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