Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Funny fish stories

Two glorious Lake Trout from the lake

My cottage neighbour, whom I'll call E, gave me these fish.  He was up last week with 5 of his fishing buddies.  One brought a tournament bass boat, that can do something like 75 mph.  Anyway, they split up for fishing, and he went with one buddy.  He was pulling a smaller bass, when an absolutely huge bass tried to take the bait out of the other bass's mouth.  My friend was stunned, and immediately cast again.  The big bass hooked and there was a fight of his life (my friend is nearly all catch and release because his whole family hates fish).  Nearly every time these Small Mouth Bass leap they spit the hook.  So, E. was pointing his rod down, and survived two jumps.  He finally gets the fish up to the boat, and screams for his buddy for the net.  No response.  He looks and sees the buddy is texting.  He curses and swears for the net since this is the biggest bass he's every seen.  Buddy says "Do you mind?  I'm texting here.".  The fish leaps one more time and spits the hook.  DON'T TEXT AND FISH.

So, after he gives me the fish I go with him for the evening.  I leave my dog with his wife and their dog.  We go to the first point to fish.  After a while, I look in the distance, and there's Roxie the Wonder Dog working her way along the shore.  She then just sits on the shore and watches us.  We wanted to then to cross the lake.  Would the stupid dog swim?  Of course she would, so we pick her up and she then proceeds to become the "World's Worst Fishing Dog".  I don't think I can go fishing with E. any more.  :)

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