Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Amazon Guatemala Coffee

Here's the review I wrote for it.

I'm sitting here drinking one the finest coffees I ever had. This is a huge bag of *ground* organic Guatemalan from the Antigua area. We visited that area, and the coffee right at the plantation is marginally better. Coffee grows on a tree resembling a Cherry tree, with bright red cherries. The bean is the pit. They mush it up and use the mash as compost. Then the beans are dried in the sunlight, and further processed. It's all very organic because they shade the coffee trees with larger trees, which they trim according to the season. The birds love it, and the civet cats merrily munch the cherries and poop the most expensive beans in the world. This is prime 'arabica' coffee only grown at 5,000 feet on the sides of volcanoes. You can always see a mountain smoking in the distance. Lots of earthquakes, too, so coffee is the product of a violent geology. You only use a medium roast for this grade of coffee, dark roasts were invented for the inferior 'robusta' coffee, although I do like a dark roast. Only use the Secura stainless steel French Press, and Brita filtered water. And only drink it black. It has a fine nutty taste, with a slightly sweet aftertaste. Well rounded.

Immediately upon delivery parcel it up in Foodsaver vacuum bags (All of this available on Amazon). I don't think they have Antigua beans in the large package. I had thought these were beans, since that was I was searching for. Nevertheless, it is a perfect grind for the french press.

The link is on the top.  It makes money for me.  Not that I thought of it when I ordered the coffee. :)

ps.  Use much less than you normally would or else you will feel the caffeine hit.  We're talking a very high caffeine load, dark roasting destroys a lot of it.

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