Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vista 64 revisited

I've had sooo much trouble with this. First of all, there are no wireless cards for 64, that are clearly supported by the vendor. And then it doesn't work with 2year old routers unless you do a zillion registry changes. Finally, on one machine I went back to XP, and on another machine I went to Linux. You can't put your old XP on a new machine, unless you have a copy with the latest service pack, and good old MS is pulling those.

I even went to a wireless bridge, which should work with anything, but Vista fights it! But when the son returned, it was whine, whine, I need my games! I tried again, but this time with Network Magic, and it all worked!!! Seems NM immediately talks to the router to see what's up, and it can make all those horrible adjustments.

Reminds of the old days, when MS was useless without a whole ecology of third-party programs. It seems we are always doomed to repeat history...


Monado said...

I've been told that people are buying Server 2008 and putting XP on it. Or maybe Ubuntu.

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, Vista has been a general fiasco, but they have a monopoly for games.