Friday, May 9, 2008

Two Minds

I love this hoary old piece of trite crap: "People 'round here are of two minds 'bout this new nu-clear plant, some are for it, and some are 'agin it'."

Could you say they were of three minds about it? Or maybe a unanimous one mind? How many minds could you have? Can one person be of 2 or 3 minds?

I love it, because I don't know really where I stand on this corny spectrum. I'm for a rational, well run nuclear plant. But do I see this anywhere? I still harbour hope that it can be done, that someday they 'will see the light', and pay me lots of money. But as in any new war, the existing bumbling generals will have to kill of a lot of people (in this case, money), before they are kicked out.

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