Monday, May 19, 2008

New series on site evaluation

Now that I've accommodated to the fact that I am unemployable in the current political regime, I have to prove to myself that I could actually work, if I had to (and keep my 'penny a month' rolling in!). Thus, I will outline a full IAEA site evaluation work plan, along with my usual comments. The current players are rather hopelessly off-course here, and our lovable CNSC has their fun, but they can hire international experts. I think, overall, there will be quite a spotlight on Ontario!

I'll do the work for the Westinghouse AP1000, which is the only decent design out there. After the Maple, and what happened at P7, I don't think anyone will go for the 'other one'. I'm assuming that South Korea will get their forging plant up, super quick.

There are lots of documents on the internet, so this can be done in an open manner. The parallel effort is being done in a cone of silence, and will only dribble out in the hearings. (to be continued).

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