Friday, May 9, 2008

Boys off to Paris (Finally!!)

Ok, this ends up being one of the great all-time teenage (university) sons story. Those who do not have such boys will not be cringing at the thought.

So, the boys had this great idea that they would go to France for 2 weeks between University and lifeguarding (for #2 son). They would also hook up with some friends there. As parents we said: "Fine", with the famous last words: "But we don't want to have anything to do with this!"

#1 son hustles up some cheap flights right away (Air Transat), and they order their train tickets. Fine, so far. Then comes the last few days... "Have you got your Euros ..... No" 'Have you got your bags? ... No' and so on for every question you could think up.

So, guess who had to find a currency exchange around here with on-hand Euros. And go with #2 to find backpacks they liked, and clothes. Then the day before, it's "Lets dig out your passports" We were confident because both were in Europe previously.

BIG PANIC!! #2's passport was not in the safe spot, and hadn't been seen since he came back from a school trip and had flung everything everywhere. The whole family strip searched the house... Nothing! We were doomed.

We thought for sure it would take 2 days to get a passport, so we were prepared to ship #2 later and lose thousands on the flights. But the gods smiled upon us. It turns out now that the wife can be the guarantor with her valid passport, the photo shop is right at the downtown office, the notary public (for the loss declaration) is on the same floor. And with a proof of flight, and some heavy money, we got the new passport in half an hour!

This can only happen at the main passport office in downtown Toronto, but Thank God!

So, it took a few years off our lives, but we got the boys off, and now 'no news is good news'.

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