Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Physics of Global Warming


I am so happy that my warmie friends at the Guardian have shown me the physical basis for the whole warming projection.  Remember that the charts don't need physics, but the projection does.

I can't cut and paste from this drm article, and the Gurd doesn't allow graphics, so I am putting this up.

First, they model the atmosphere as a series of layers.

Nobody at the gard can see a problem with this, nor anybody at nasa.  Then they go into wonderful statements like

Nobody can see anything wrong with this.  "Carbon dioxide is just planetary insulation".  I take it that this article was never disputed.  Now I am content, because I can never explain basic physics to the people who believe this.  I can no longer say that global warming has no physics.

**where there is convection it is orders of magnitude more effective with heat transport.  (disputed).

ps.  I withdrew my 'Snowball Earth" hypothesis  from the gard.  I said it was made for an alternate universe where convection is a nuclear bomb next to the firecracker of radiation.  :)

pps. with this I have the intention to stop the blog again.  My hopeless addiction to venting may send me home from rehab again.  :(

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