Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Oklahoma Earthquakes - The Movie

I am about to go out into the snow with the dog.  This is the burden of our geographical location.

Forget all that!  Now we plan "Oklahoma The Movie".  We assume that OK will be hit by a full New Madrid sequence, three M7+'s.  Somebody will make a movie.  Now, the format.

Perhaps something like 'The Martian', with somebody stuck in Tulsa needing rescue.  Or "Titanic" with hubris sinking the state.  Myself, I like a remake of "Jaws".  Of course, these days we need The Rock in a helicopter, but the flashback scenes will be best.

To make true villains, we need someone to blab about the backroom dealings of the USGS, the oil companies, and the OK governor.  And I want to throw in Texas.  Although I want Ryan Gosling to play me because he is Canadian, I think Brad Pitt looks more like me.  :)

My part will have to beefed up.  I don't want the truth  -- a whiny Cassandra who is totally ineffectual, sitting in his basement.  The backroom will have to say "We have to kill this guy".  Neato.  The crusading woman can be played by Julia Roberts.  :)

ps.  Tragically, Julia is killed by the OK State oil rig statue while pushing Matt away.  The Rock arrives, and the audience is weeping because he loved her, but she had fallen in love with the Martian.  It was Boromir in the USGS who committed mutiny and sent the Rock, who takes Matt out of OK.  The evil oil guy, played by Jack N. will escape in his limo to go down and get El Chapo to escape again for the 10th time.  This will be a hit!

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