Friday, January 30, 2015

Wither Goest Google?

Hot news on Disqus, my tech discussion forum, is that Google is getting sliced to ribbons in the mobile ad market.  Facebook and its children are cleaning up with the teenyboppers.  Trouble is, that these young people are all unemployed and don't buy anything, except maybe a new iphone every other year.

As well, the articles say that this market is open for new entrants to make a killing.  Anybody with a few mil of venture capital can start a new outfit, like Painterest, where young celebrities paint nude graffiti of themselves on virtual walls.  :)  (That's a joke, son)

This ad market will crash.  But where's the money?  Where can my hotshot Valley son go?  Why back into the resurgent Google.  They will adopt my method of flat corporate organization and go after the oldies ad market.  Japan is totally choked with old guys guys wanting school-girl robots, ordered on-line.

I envision my G-chair, with voice keyboard in front of my giant 4K chromebook screen.  I scream "WANT THAT!" and it's instantly delivered by drone.  My g-glass magnifies fine print and hearing, for the few times I venture out with the dog.  When we have parties, I'll be asking "What the hell is her name again, you know, that irritating bitch?"  It'll have to pick up my sub-vocalizing, since I don't want it to say "You just said that out loud."  Bummer.

My g-band will measure heart and brain signals, and blood levels, all going into my personal g-assistant.  The ads will say "Ask your doctor about Gammystan, the new miracle drug that will clear up the pain in your right knee.  You should also order some more GM Super-prune, for that other problem."

This is paradise!  And Google rakes off 10%.

 ps. The Googster may not be in on this if they succumb to old-company disease, which I think is probable.  #1 son will have to form a new company.

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