Thursday, January 29, 2015

Big Guns Finally Wade In On Oklahoma


“There’s a hysteria that needs to be brought back to reality that these [quakes] are light and will not cause any harm,” Brown said, according to local news reports.

“An earthquake that was sitting there waiting goes kaboing. Then things shake,”

Or officials could reduce volumes at several “monster” wells, with names such as “Deep Throat” and “Flower Power,” that scientists say may be responsible for a huge share of quakes across the Midwest.

“This was in August. In July, we had 33 earthquakes in Payne County, where Oklahoma State University is located. The last thing I said was: Those high-rise dorms at the campus, if one or more were toppled and several students were killed, would you be able to look back and say you did everything you could to prevent it?"

“Rather than just one well, one earthquake, it may be that the broader region is affected by multiple wells,” said Robert Williams, a geophysicist with the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program in Golden, Colo., citing forthcoming research by Stanford geophysicist Mark Zoback.

I have never seen so many choice quotes in one article.  The Wash Post really knows how to pick up sound bites.  Zoback is the "King of USGS" when it comes to stress and earthquakes.  For him to get off his tanning lounge chair in California is really something.  :)

For me, Oklahoma has always been lucky in that the ramp-up has been much slower than anywhere else.  They just had a swarm of 4's in the middle of nowhere.  I was expecting a swarm of 5's more than a year ago right under the brick buildings of the city and university.

For Oklahoma to ban injection means the death of fracking as we know it.  It's already dying with the low oil prices.  It's just a matter of which death comes first.

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