Saturday, January 24, 2015

Surface mount LED fixtures

Forget LED bulbs.  The replaceable bulb is a terrible format for the new light sources.  These things will now outlast the 10 year painting and decorating cycle, so you can now go for the full fixture.  All the new light sources are surface mounted on flat cards or strips, since that is the best for heat.

This is the latest thing from Costco.  20W led, equivalent to 3 60W bulbs.  It's glass, and warm white (3000K).  It uses a single driver, and 4 strips with naked surface-mounted light sources.  The price is right at $40.  Amazon is way off the mark with cheap acrylic at $80 with a horrible 4000K, which is neither here nor there.

I'm looking for something bigger and brighter for the kitchen.  Right now Amazon is charging $300 for that.  The legitimate price at Aliexpress is $60, but only in large lots.  I'll have to wait for Costco.  When they go to quantum dots soon, they'll also be in this format.  Right now it is rare to find a 100W equivalent bulb, and they are quite expensive.

Here is the dog sunning herself (not under the new fixture).

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