Monday, January 12, 2015

Connecticut M3.3. earthquake

I'm only writing this in a cheap bid to get more viewers.  :)  Actually, these 'hard rock earthquakes' were my first love before all the recent frack injection hoo-haw.  I like them because they are such a shock to the locals, sounding and feeling like an explosion.  This M3.3 is also beyond a mere ice quake, although the cold weather may have something to do with it.

These earthquakes are all bark and no bite.  Yet, if a ding-dong nuclear-type measured it with an accelerometer, it would go off the scale, and then there would be a big huffy fit in the nuclear biz.  They just don't understand that peak acceleration has no physical basis.

This is right near Boston, which is my Number One City in the Earthquake Hit Parade.  Remember that size doesn't matter, it's what you do that counts.  (When I was young I said that a lot.  :(  )

So, Boston is the world's worst city to take an earthquake hit, since it is all on blue clay.  As long as there are no earthquakes, everything is golden.  Even a little Virginia M6 right under the city would take a big bite.  And the East Coast is a high hazard area for M7's.  Have fun everybody!

Update:  Loud explosion, just like the last little ice quake.  You and I know that these are very shallow.  Yet, there is very poor seismic monitoring (no money).  Single component, far away.

This is probably the only shot they got.  They report both earthquakes at 6 km depth, because that is their default, and all the news services take it up as gospel.  Comon' people, now that gas is cheap, vote for a big gas tax to pay for all this!   :)

Update2:  New earthquake.  Still, probably the cold.


terry said...

moodus noises perhaps.

Harold Asmis said...

Last year, we in Ontario, got a whole bunch of booms, which were ice quakes. This is a bit stronger, and most likely won't be a continuous thing.

terry said...

you are right, these are too far east to be the Moodus Noises.

boston college maintains the regional seismic network though

Harold Asmis said...

That's probably all she wrote. On to the next town!