Saturday, January 31, 2015

Anti-Terror Terror


Let's fight this as we did all the other crap limiting the Internet and such.  Where is Geist?  Has he become too comfy on all his earnings?  We need him.

All of this can be handled under existing laws.  Especially propagating the killing crap (only in Canada).  Unlike the US, we have hate laws.  Prosecute that radical nut with that!  Stopping potential terrorists from going to Syria can also be done with existing laws.

They always want to go too far.  This will cost our economy dearly as all the bright ones go to California (the dollar isn't helping).  NO FISHING ON THE INTERNET!

Addition:  Our Russian friend, Snow-happy, revealed that Canada fished millions of downloads and got two weak leads that crapped out.  Although the proposed legislation may not mention fishing directly, how are they going to enforce it?  You can bet the fishers of men will be lining up the next day for a few mil.

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