Friday, January 2, 2015

Amazon screws up delivery

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!  In this very blog, or somewhere, I was very hard on Walmart for screwing up the delivery.  I said that Amazon would never do something like this.  Even now at 8:38 pm, Amazon is telling me that they will deliver today by 8:00 pm.  I was looking forward to this toy, it's a computer controlled electric pressure cooker.  I even bought the dried beans today.

There's no way to bitch to them until after the delivery, and they've all gone home for the day.  I'll have to wait the whole weekend.  I'm so sad.  :(

Amazon has totally destroyed all stores in Palo Alto.  The Canadian employees just don't have the killer instinct...

Update:  Wow, they sent a robot response, pretending to be human.  The robot said the shipment was lost, when really, it's just late.

Update2:  UPS has completely shut down for the weekend.  I can't complain about somebody doing what I would do.  I'll get it on Monday, it's not like it's serum for Alaska, or anything.  I'll go with Walmart more.

Update3:  Got everything on Monday morning, so you can say it was just a few hours late, business-day wise.  Still, a fall from the Heavens.....

Update4:  Now they've ridiculously long on their estimates.  So much for 2 day Prime.  :(

Update5:  Delivery back to a day and a half, but the estimate is 4 business days.  I think Norkies have got into their computer system.  :)

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