Wednesday, May 16, 2012

High level nuclear waste - people get upset over nothing


“Surely there must be a better place for a DGR, for a nuclear dump, than in Saugeen Shores,” Robertson pleaded. “Council is rushing this decision and it is a critical decision. There are real risks to property values, the economy and to tourism here in Saugeen Shores.”

Do you remember when Bruce made it's phoney plays for new nuclear plants, just to support Candu?  I remember everybody getting upset over the ridiculous plans to put one on Lake Erie.  And these senior guys are all cloned from the same hive-mind!  So, there's going to be no nuclear waste repository here.

Once they totally crap out with the nuclear thing at Bruce, everybody will forget locating in karst on an active fault.  But for places with proper geology, this facility will just look like a factory.  And believe me, there are worse factories than such a facility!  There's not a chance of any nuclear contamination because that stuff is so easily tracked.  Try saying that about lead!

So relax everybody!  Take it easy on the beach.  Put on your nano-particle sunscreen.  Breathe in those agricultural pesticides.  Imbibe lots of ethanol, and don't forget your Deet for the blackflies!  :)

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