Sunday, August 14, 2011

Temagami 7 Day Canoe Trip - Part 2

Because of all the food I wasn't allowed to fish for a while.  Finally, on Lady Evelyn Lake, I pulled out the little rod, and did some trolling with a small Rapala.  At the time, I cursed the drag, and knew I was in Bigg Doodoo.

Well, we came up to some narrows, and went slow, looking for possible snags.  Suddenly there was small movement on the rod, and then it shot out of the canoe like a bullet!  It flew in the air, and was 6 feet behind the canoe before it hit the water!  I dragged the narrows with a rock on a rope for a while, but I knew it was gone.  That's the trouble with the big lakes.  I can only fish for a nice 2 lb bass, but there are huge monsters in there.  Had I done the right thing, with a better rod and drag, and the fancy rod holder from the canoe store, I might have fought this thing to get close enough to cut the line!

That whole lake is a giant subsidy to the luxury fishing camp lobby.  They are everywhere!  But they seemed empty.  I guess their heyday was the US $1.20 dollar, and gas at 50 cents.  At the end of the lake is this huge dam, built in 1972, of which the sole purpose is to create this industry.

Down the Montreal River, which is all flooded because of another dam, we stopped for lunch when a big storm hit us.  We huddled under the trees, having already picked out the Designated Lightning Tree.  This was a miserable place, and when there was a gap we zoomed to a good campsite.  The cloud formations looked like something from Mordor!  And behind us was this giant cloud with this diagonal cylindrical protrusion that looked like a killer steamroller!  It missed us, and we got to the campsite.

Finally got home.  The other guys did the pictures, and I might get them to G+ one day.  My attitude towards canoe trip pictures is that somebody has done them better and put them on the internet!

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