Monday, August 16, 2010

When regulators abandon credibility


Parents on the Simcoe County Safe School committee say kids in 14 local schools are showing varying problems they fear are caused by microwaves.

Rodney Palmer says the symptoms seem to disappear on weekends, and the parents know there's no evidence showing Wi-Fi is safe at the levels the kids are being exposed to.

As we know, all our government agencies have been destroyed over the years. They have given up on bright people and have just become robots to the government of the day. This gives rise to 'Ignorance Panics'. Here is one example.

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crf said...

And what about news organisations?

Good grief, if that CTV morning host cracked his head would carpenter ants spew out?

At least the very albino looking CTV host did ask a few probing questions of his guest. And his guest didn't accuse him of being a witch, and blame him for her children's illnesses. I guess we're more enlightened in Canada. In Africa, if a community's children start suffering illness without a clear cause, some people tragically kill albinos out of baseless fears of witchcraft. In Canada we've found a socially acceptable scapegoat in the evil emfs.