Sunday, August 15, 2010

Volcano Scenario


Taranaki Blowout will run for six weeks from mid-September, with registered participants to get email alerts as "volcanic activity" steadily increases in line with the scenario developed by volcanologists.

"Not only will participants gain a better understanding of how an eruption is likely to unfold, they will also get good advice and information on how to prepare now for the day it happens in reality," says Taranaki Blowout spokesman Mike Langford.

This is so neat, and reminds me of my failed movie career, which has washed out, because I'll never hear from them again. :( Basically, as magma rises, there should be a series of alert levels depending on instruments, etc. The key is to not over or under react. Volcanologists usually botch this up. :) (Actually, there is a chaotic element which is bigger than their collective egos).

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