Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pity the Perfusionist


Of Saskatoon's four specialists, known as perfusionists, two have left due to work-related issues in the past month, association of Saskatchewan president Chris Driol told reporters at a news conference Friday.

Now, if you read this, you just might think of the usual union featherbedding, but I know a perfusionist. This might be a case where a job is too big for a single human, and there is no rest. They tend to be female and, thus, abused in the health system. All the surgeons blame them when they kill a patient, 'cause it couldn't be the great man himself!

The training is extensive, so you can't get these people overnight. If male pilots wrestle the big jumbo jets, or a military guy tends the radars, they get compulsory rest. Not for these people! They are always on call, and they just can't say 'Forget it', then somebody will die. Sure, you think, they're sucking up the overtime, but this isn't the phony overtime that was rampant in the old company! This is health-destroy 16 hours a day!

It's a big responsibility and all shit. You're the bottom of the blame ladder. The only thing limiting how much abuse these gals get is the quit index. If they make it too miserable, they all start dying. New people will always flood in for the money, but I don't think they can be that smart....

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