Monday, January 5, 2009

Nuclear Power is Ridiculously Expensive


Yeah! This should weed out the idiots! Nobody mentions that the cost of not having the power soars as well! I think we can now safely assume that nuclear power will never be financed by private means.

In a gloomier mood (and boy, am I ad-click gloomy!), I would assume that we have to freeze in the dark for a while to get rational, or we have to choke on coal fumes. But I'm just blog-gloomy, and I think people will get rational as we approach disaster, perhaps in time to avoid it!

The rational path to nuclear power, and nuclear waste is open, but it is currently a political impossibility. Thus, something has to happen, that won't be pleasant.

Predictions for 2009

-Ontario will choose AECL to build on the Darlington postage stamp. A total lack of attention to fundamental scientific issues will lead to something that makes Finland look happy-happy.

-a big earthquake will happen somewhere in the world. Stone houses will fall and kill people.

-all the hearings love the Bruce Deep Swimming Pool, and it gets the go-ahead. The price of grout powder soars!

-Bruce Power will give up on Nanticoke when all of Lake Erie freezes solid, and will go instead to Ottawa on Leda Clay.

-Harold will continue to have his up and down cycles, and may give up blogging all together.

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