Saturday, January 17, 2009

Earthquake Evacuation with 20 Crazed Cats


I have a single smallish dog, has starred in my videos. Cindy The Wonderdog could be grabbed like a football in an emergency evacuation. But, if an evacuation plan gets too bleeding heartish over animals? Then it sounds like this one, with nobody in charge, and nobody wanting to offend anyone. You are going to have to say to the cat lady: "Your 20 hostile cats will have to take care of themselves! We'll throw food from helicopters!"

This article implies that we might have to kill some children to save the pets, since 'pets are children'. If my family was in danger, and the dog had to go, so be it.

I think things could get ugly for Richmond BC, in an earthquake, since they are in the mountains. I hope they get a better emergency plan.

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