Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bruce Power Digs Up Another Site


Meanwhile, back at the Alberta ranch, another site has cropped up. I'm not saying anything about this!

As I've said before, they don't intend to follow any nuclear site standard, and can cheaply have as many sites as they want! All they need is their National Building Code Map. It's up to the people to stand up and say "We don't believe you! Where's the beef? Where's the Standard?".

Because of this preference for no standards, I probably won't get my happy-money, because this requires direct approval of my favourite old boys, who hate me. Still if they believe that standards will be required, then they will pay, and I will believe....

But the vendors will want standards, which reduce their liability. If you build to an established seismic standard, and an earthquake does something unexpected, you are covered. If you build on a site that has met standards, then you have far less problems.

The problem comes when only the 'people' have the liability. For example, the Niagara and Deep Geology things. Nobody will demand a standard, and nobody cares about the disasters.

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