Monday, June 19, 2017

Cottage diary

Friday - sunny and hot, with thunderstorms everywhere.  My boat is finally fixed and it starts up fine.  We can stay outside until 7 pm, until the press of mosies moves in on the insect lamps.

Sat. - The thunderstorms hold off until the afternoon.  The kids go swimming and last a few seconds.  My son and I enjoy the sauna, and I go through two dip cycles into the icy water.  I have a feeling we will use the sauna a lot this summer.

The water pump starts turning on randomly.  I check for leaks and don't find any.  I turn it off for the night.

Sun - the pump is buggered.  The footvalve has drained.  I haul it out of the lake.  The whole morning nothing works.  I finally give up, and have ordered a new pump.  This old pump has lasted about 50 years, but it's all corroded.

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