Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bruce deep black hole to rise from the dead

I just had a great lunch with the old geotechnical gang from the old company.  The feeling is that the Liberals have run out of stupid questions to ask, and opg has flooded the place with stupid answers.  They can't sit on their collective rears any more.  That means they have to fish or cut bait.

The Liberals can't cancel the whole thing.  That would be a decision.  No, their only choice is to go ahead with a bunch of weasely conditions that will never be met.

When they go ahead, I hope they provide lots of pictures, like the stupid Niagara tunnel.  That's fun for us geotechnical groupies.  Otherwise they would shut everything up like the nuclear plants.  Blah.

ps. okay all you whiners, this is done deal.  Use what little political clout you have to open up the site.  Have them take a lot of pictures to show how good they are, and I can tear them apart.  :)

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