Friday, June 9, 2017

Amazon super toy

 I feel like I died and went to heaven, to have this drop on me. I used to be a big photo guy, but then I saw that everybody had better pictures than me on the internet. So I gave up the big camera and went to my phone. On our trip to the islands, I took all the photos on the phone, using everything that Google threw in. I thought, why don't they have a phone that is more like a camera? And this is it. I won't give up my Nexus 5x, to use this as a regular phone, but I'll use it as a camera first/phone. The pictures are dynamic, and they can really put in some good software for the 21 mp camera. The big circle thing is cosmetic, but we'll soon see extra lenses that hook on by magnets unto the steel rim. It only runs Android 6.0 but that will change. There's a nice ridge at the end for holding it. Buy this as a super adult toy. :)

**That was my Amazon review.  Great camera.  Kodak Ektra, having trouble with link.

Great on automatic setting, which is all I would use.

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