Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Friggin' Freezin' in the North

Now is the time to talk about freezing and Warming, while I'm waiting for my hair to dry so I can walk the dog.

So, here is the latest background oxygen microwave plot.  It gives the satellite measurement of the background microwave field, which can be correlated to the lower-atmosphere temperatures.  Sort of like looking at the Earth from distance.  The darn thing shows us slightly warmer, but well inside the uncertainty fuzz.

And this is the picture of wet, cloudy air.  The efficiency of the oceanic heat pipes (stable major currents) is a correlation between the oceanic water temperature, and these clouds.  If there is a high correlation, then we keep the heat in.  A low correlation means that warm water is exposed to clear nights.  Heavy clouds are great thermal blankets as we who have Arctic camped know all too well.

All of this must go into my thoughts of dog walking and whether we are going to have a warm summer.  So far, all my winter and summer observations have correlated excellently with the Warmist charts.  We've had mild winters for 20 years and hot summers.  The last few years have held flat at perfection for us.  But now my observations have showed a plunge, and this is not 'sympatico' with anything.

I'm thinking now that in a 'Time of Coolera' the heat pipes may be more or less efficient and I can't figure out which.  More efficient pipes may make us Arcticizers warmer in the short term.  Or not.  We can only wait.

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