Monday, February 16, 2015

Back from the cold

Had a nice weekend in a winterized cottage.  Even so, we haven't had such low temperatures for 20 years and the system was sorely tested.  The water kept frosting where the pipes were near the walls, so the hairdryers and heaters were out.  My dog went absolutely nuts in the deep snow, when we went out snowshoeing.  But, man, facing the wind on the open lake was something.  As we left today, we saw a fancy yellow helicopter zooming around low, so I wonder if somebody is missing.

Oklahoma is on another in-breath cycle, the activity got up to mid-3's on the weekend, should be a bunch of 4's coming soon, and we'll hit a new intensity high.

I am suggesting to the intelligent newspaper people to find out why the USGS has failed so badly here.  I suspect it's due to ancient compacts with the oil companies.  I got a hint of that when I was researching.

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