Monday, September 16, 2013

Ooma IP phone not for Toronto

It's all going back to Costco.  I hate returning things!  Although this phone worked great for a while it started experiencing disconnects until the point where you can't make a call.  Part of the problem is that although I have fantastic Internet speed from Bell, there is an integrated modem/router, so the Ooma has to be behind the router.  And I'm sure Bell puts in its little digs.

The reference design for Ooma is between the modem and router.  I have made every effort and tweak, and the support was great but ineffective.  As well, many services in Canada block IP calls.  Another problem is that everybody and their dog have poor IP phones.  You mix that with your own IP phone, and it is the last straw.  It's like two people talking on speaker phone on a cell!


Letter sent:

As you can see by my popular blog post, we have given up on our Ooma.

After a tremendous amount of effort on my part, it simply does not work with our Bell Internet setup.
Perhaps after you have more exposure to Toronto, there will be more success.

I am returning it all to Costco.  I regret that I cannot change my shining Costco review.

There remains the matter of my 1 year deluxe subscription and my 2 telephone numbers.  If you wish to retrieve those numbers I am sure you have a method for a pro-rated return.

Harold W. Asmis, P.Eng.
Geotechnical Engineer

Update:  I got everything cancelled.  Next year when I try this again, I'm going to take out the Bell router by putting it in bridge mode.  Hopefully, a company will emerge that knows Canada.

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