Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ontario Seismicity Update

This is the latest map from SOSN.

The Hamilton Boundary Fault (the edge of a megathrust) remains sharply defined.  We would see a sharp line under Oklahoma City, if they had decent seismic monitoring.  We would see the megathrusts if they got off their tushies and did some reflection seismic.  (Oh Dear! -negative!)

Of most interest is all the activity up in Lake Huron.  We still can't see the boundary fault of the Grenville Front which goes right under the Bruce radiation site, but you can draw your own line.

Luckily, Penn and Ohio have stopped injection, so the activity is limited to Lake Erie.  These faults are fully fractal, so we expect a straight-line B curve, but we don't know the slope.  I suspect it is 'rough' which means a lot of little activity for each big quake, unless you inject!

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