Monday, September 17, 2012

Cottage Report

Starting to get nippy.  It was a sunny weekend, with cold nights.  The water is really cold, so I had my 1 second swim.  We got on the access road at 8 am, and suddenly my brakes were squealing.  It was a full-grown bull moose about to go on the road and squoosh my car!  We have never seen a moose here in 50 years.  Luckily, the car startled him, and he turned and ran away.  Nobody else in the car saw him, since they were reading or sleeping, and bitching about the sudden stop.

This moose was probably 2-3 years old with a medium rack.  Good hunting, since I think it's best to take the surplus males.  A big-rack moose is a successful breeder, and they should leave him alone.  I like a little hunting for the moose, bear and deer, since it keeps them on their toes and afraid of humans.

Because just down the road were 2 deer who didn't give a hoot about cars and were strolling.  With them was a male wild turkey who seemed a little bit smarter.  Perhaps the gang leader?

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