Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ups and Downs of Cottage Life

Down:  the drought continues.  On the land back of us, all the short shrubs have died, leaving the whole place dry as tinder.

Up:  The fishing is fantastic!  The fish are practically jumping into the boat.  Under our dock are the biggest bass you've ever seen for this area.  But I've trained them over the years not to touch my hook and worm.  But the other day, one of the big ones went for it, and I had my little Walmart rod.  10 minutes of fighting with the drag on light to save the rod, and I pulled it in!  The hook was just lightly jammed.

Was that a good dinner! This will be my new g+ profile picture.

Double down:  We discovered some cottage neighbours were killed coming back from their cottage, when they rolled their truck.......   On the way back yesterday, I was zooming on the 401 when my front passenger tire rim decided to split in two!  Apparently nobody has ever seen this happen.  I was warned by some noise and a big thump, so I was in the shoulder and almost stopped when my rim fell off and rolled ahead of me.  The rubber stayed on, all the lug nuts shattered, and I saw my disk brake made a nice gouge in the shoulder.  I refuse to think how close we were to death.  :(

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Anonymous said...

No body suspicious has been messing with your vehicle?
Peter , of the humming lines