Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Brunswick earthquake swarm

I'm just referring to my old post on Miramichi.  This earthquake is out of my range with the nice maps from Ceri, and into Canada with horrible mostly-non-existent maps.  Most of these swarms are due to deep fluid motions, and a random M6 almost never signals itself like this.  It is sad to say that most M6's are one-shot deals and never repeat.  That is, the life of an M6 is that it sucks all the stress out of the surrounding rock, and then locks itself up in its own stress shadow, like a hole.  I'm only interested in growing fault mechanisms with no real limit in size.


Anonymous said...

Hi Harold,
The McAdam earthquakes are of concern because although they have so far been quite small, their source is so close to the town that even events not detected by the network are felt.

Ken Burke

Anonymous said...

On to bigger things... No comment yet about Mexico?

Harold Asmis said...

One day I'll find a map of those things.