Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ohio still hot and heavy on injection earthquakes


Bevacqua said that the seismologist made his judgment from "an office in New York" and that no one has definitively proven the quakes are related to activity at the well. The company has commissioned a study and is depressurizing the well following the shutdown.

Oh, those nasty offices in New York!  If you get a map of all those other 'well behaved' injection sites in Ohio, you find they all follow the NE trend along the east side of Ohio.  This is the big Precambrian basin on the megathrust that we imaged under the east side of Lake Erie.  It is huge!

If you inject into that PC sandstone, you will get fairly low flow, and the regulations cover max pressure only.  It's only if you 'accidentally' overshoot the sandstone and inject into the fault that you get high flow.  It doesn't matter how much you inject, since only pressure is regulated (they were assuming intact sandstone).

At the very least, there should be no injection under towns with crappy brick buildings.

Currently the whole seismic map is quiet.  Did people stop injecting in the active zones?

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