Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Libel Chill Thaws a Bit


Journalists across Canada, as well as bloggers, can now use the defence of "responsible communication on matters of public interest" as a defence against libel.

Yeah! We can thank Conrad for this. Any implication that he might be a crook was squashed by vicious lawyers. This might give the timid media a bit of courage....


crf said...

This should encourage the media to probe deeper. Right now, I think stories are nixed by editors who know that investigations can't get anywhere before running up against someone's reputation.

1) Take another gander at the attempted buying of Chuck Cadman's vote.

2) Brian Mulroney's shenanigans with Shreiber still need more sunlight.

3) Get to bottom of the Quebec Liberal party's corruption (both federal and provincial).

4) Corruption in the RCMP.

Harold Asmis said...

The media companies are dying, and there's no money in this. If they open up to allow not-much-money bloggers to investigate, we will have Merry Christmases for all!

Otherwise, we sink in Japanese blahness.