Sunday, December 6, 2009

Isotope Venting


How long must Canadians wait for Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government to settle on a remedy for the shortage of medical isotopes?

Hello? I just included this little tidbit to show the thinking processes of the bankrupt newspapers. :)

Harper is just as hopeless in this issue as all the other politicians have been. There aren't any brains left in all these institutions, since they completed their march to hard-core politicized self-similarity.

And could Keen have saved us all? Pulease! She was an uber-hack who drove out all the remaining brains in the regulator. I don't know why they have made her into a god.


Harbles said...

An Editorial I suppose as there is no Byline.
No question the issue has been improperly managed by previous governments but Steverino has the big office and he has to make the call. Delay is not an option.

Harold Asmis said...

I'm against anything getting built at Chalk River, so a South Korean Maple at Port Hope? :)

Harbles said...

But can they do research with it while they brew up some moly-99?

A Billion loonies to port Hope? Sounds about right.