Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fun Radio Show!

Radio Station

Every scientist should get out and meet the people once in a while. I hope I did some good, and not just incur the wrath of The Big Boys.

For all the listeners who have just found this blog, feel free to ask questions! (And don't forget to click ads!)

There was a lot of time to discuss various issues, which is what I like about radio. For TV, they interview you for an hour, and just chop it down to a 20 second sound bite, of their choice. That's why I'm never going on television, too many horrible experiences, and I'm too ugly.

Firstly, I dismissed all the 'horror scenarios" of radioactive waste floating down the lake. Not going to happen, no matter what they do. I said that even if they just pile it in the back forty, it's not going anywhere. Then mostly I bitched about the very poor quality of science going into this, especially considering all the money. I hope school kids will pick up on this.

Poor science will lead to a financial and operational horror story, much like the new Niagara tunnel. I told the story about the Bruce Tunnel from Hell, and how I never wanted to visit it. Most of all I said this was an express train on a single track, and nobody was going to throw themselves in front of it, especially me!

I truly hope the Big Money just ignores me. :)

ps. As of this minute, no spike in traffic, and no bricks through window. Proving that the hard-working listeners of daytime radio have got better things to do.

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