Thursday, November 20, 2008

Deep Disposal of Geology Sealed




Nuclear Wast Repository in Bruce County Could Go Deeper

Ontario Power Generation says bore hole drilling so far supports arguments in favour of locating a Deep Geologic Repository at the Bruce site.
The solid rock samples show the site is stable, strong and will isolate low and intermediate level nuclear waste from ground water supplies and from Lake Huron.
Spokesperson Richard Heystee says plans are to go 20 metres deeper than originally proposed and put the repository at 680 metres under the Bruce site in solid limestone.
The long-term undergound storage will be for waste now stored in containers above ground, including incinerated paper and cleaning materials, compacted waste and chopped up generator parts from the refurbishment projects.


Yes, the geology has finally been disposed of, and I'm out of the game. They have put up an old colleague of mine, a groundwater guy, against me. He was elevated to Management, so he can't retire as early as I did, and maybe doesn't want to.

So, everybody please believe what they are told to say. The rock is so perfect that the drilling results can remain secret. There is no need for a nuclear seismic standard on this, the old building code for garages can be used. The media will just parrot what the new spokesman says, and we are all happy.

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