Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bruce Geology News

I am so interested in the country news, every since I had my radio show, listened to by thousands, if you include the chickens.


Small Walkerton Group Hears More About Nuclear Storage

Fewer than a dozen residents came out to an open house in Walkerton on the Deep Geologic Repository at the Bruce site.
OPG spokesperson Kevin Orr says the open houses this week and next are a chance for one-on-one discussion about plans to put low and intermediate level nuclear waste in rock deep underground for long term storage.
One resident at the open house says the proposal could mean more opportunity for the Bruce site, and jobs to benefit the area.
The Deep Geologic Repository project started in 2001 when Kincardine asked OPG for a long term solution for low and intermediate level nuclear waste stored on the Bruce site.
Orr says the environmental assessment on the project is a slow process but on schedule.


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