Thursday, August 2, 2007

Claptrap bridge buys the farm

I can't believe that bridge! Twin towers all over again. One local failure propagates in both directions to take the entire bridge, just like an earthquake! Good thing that old steel yields and stretches so much, so that the deck was let down gently enough to save lives. I'll bet they had a lot of little earthquakes, before this M8! I'll bet the bridge janitors will say it will never happen again! They should get together with the Japanese. Oh well, and I thought nothing ever happens when I'm on vacation.


monado said...

You mean this bridge?

I found some great rocks on my vacation near Huntsville -- grainy, with black-and-white layers and reddish inclusions.

Harold Asmis said...

I am thoroughly sick of a 26.4 dial-up connection, but I am having a great holiday! The weather has been the best all summer, and the lake gives me less shudders each day.

I should do a wikiversity course on rocks, geology or seismology, but its hard to find open material. As well, I find dealing with wiki-people to be somewhat like work. :( They define the meaning of pig-headedness.