Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Ignore the cold, somewhere it's warm


As long as it is warm somewhere, climate is weather is climate.  I was saying in the cbc and guard forums that the global temps are getting colder.  I was assaulted with 'climate is 30 years' and we ignore the current cold.  But everybody has been carrying this story, and climate is weather, blah blah.  No more 30 years!

So now there is no need for charts and things like direct measurements.  The Arctic hits -65?  It's hot in Australia  -- climate change can never be challenged!

I won't even publish the monthly world temps -- what's the use?  Somewhere in the world it's happy hour!

ps.  from my favourite poem:

Somewhere it is boiling,
Somewhere corals survive,
But there is no joy in Canada,
For it's minus sixty-five!

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