Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Plumes aren't what they used to be - Mar 12, 2019

The plume guys were out of action for the last few days.  The plumes look very weak and are lashing down on North America rather than just hitting.  This is giving us one-day thaws and then bitter cold.

It's not like we had in December, with the mini El Nino.  Then the plumes were regular, very strong, and extended for some distance up North.

The water temps still show an extremely strong dump to the South.  I'm recording all this because I totally forget the normal pattern.  I've never seen such a strong flow of hot water down south in the Atlantic, but nobody would believe me, since nobody records it.

All in all, March stays like a lion.  I really don't know what warmth would look like when Spring finally comes.  I suspect it's just an increase in latitude-dependent default weather, which is darn cold.

ps.  Looking at it, the plumes are really chaotic right now.  Before, they were very regular.  Who knows what that means?

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