Wednesday, August 1, 2018

'Stupidity Defence' goes wild


I've written about it for years, since it was so prevalent in the old company.  It's simply 'wilful ignorance' applied well in advance.

The story is "I'm the victim here.  I was so stupid!"  This has worked for all senior white males, since everybody believes them.  Can you imaging trumpy at a trial?

It doesn't work for people like Martha Stuart.  She tried and nobody believed her.  Probably no good for black people.  But really, is there any top white male executive that makes anybody believe he's not stupid?  Big Warren, maybe, but he can now claim senility.  :)

ps.  Figured it out.  He can't win with this defence.  He's playing to trumpy supporters, so there isn't civil war when trumps pardons him. 

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