Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Canada Can't 'Out-Protectionist' Trump

This is always stated as a 'zero sum game'.  If they pile on protections, then we must too, to save old industries.  The young people that voted for cannabis, don't care about the unions and inefficient industries.  However, these yo-yos have political power.

Every one of these people want tariff protection for themselves, but not for others.  They want to go back to monopolies, where they can shaft everyone else.  Who doesn't want a monopoly or cartel?  The end-game is our own wall of protection.  Want to buy a car?  Well, it's Chevy Impala for you, at three times the world price.  Cheese?  It has to be from Quebec, or all the provinces can put up their own walls.

Much like the 'war on drugs', this will get ridiculous.  We voted on cannabis, now we'll have to vote on 'freedom to buy'.  The only solution to Mexican back-stabbing is to drop all tariffs and protections.  If we think that companies anywhere are being predatory, we can deal with that.


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