Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The 'Magic' of Global Warming


In general, it is very difficult to find this in the literature.  Some people, realizing that Venus Physics might not be totally applicable to the Earth invoked 'magic'.  That's what Einstein would have called it "That which cannot be measured does not exist."

In this case, the co2 interacts in some mysterious way with water vapour (and clouds).  There is no physical mechanism for this, but it makes some people feel better.  As long as there was perfect correlation with co2 and global temps, nobody cared.  But global temps are going down, the ice is up, and we've got another year before any of these guys acknowledge it.

So, I've got a pocket pool going with myself on how cold we get before there is a shift in this whole religious science thing.  My money is on a year and a half, which is how long it is taking before anybody acknowledges that that Toronto housing market is underwater.  :)

ps.  Before I go, I wanted to add this to record.  It states that satellite observation is 'experimental evidence'.  So, we can safely say that nasa  and the 'God of Science' is responsible for everything.

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