Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tesla's 'California Model' fails for mass production


More billions wasted with the Carbon Hypothesis.  I'm glad nasa quickly eliminated the Silurian Hypothesis, using the Scientific Method.  Would they have applied the same rigour to "Air as Glass'.

But I digress.  The Facebook California Model is to pay the few programmers that are more than 10 times more productive than the bunch, ten times more.  I saw this when I was in Palo Alto to see my son's California Startup.  It is a great method, but these people burn out at 35 and you quickly run out of such talent.

Musk did well scooping them up for SpaceX, but did horribly with Tesla mass-production.  No brilliant person wants to work in a factory.  God knows I hated it when the old company purged all brilliance and went pedestrian.  So, he only had idiots to work with.

I have no hope for him because he is trying to exploit global warming when we have tipped into an era of 'Cooling is Warming'.  The all-electric car makes no sense in our new Ice Age.  Have fun getting anywhere in a Tesla 3 at 40 below!

Natural gas is running out, and we will need heating until the end of May.  Lots of fun.

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